Reasons Why Wisdom Teeth Often Hurt

Posted on 8/20/2018 by Frank Sciabica
Reasons Why Wisdom Teeth Often HurtWhen a baby is teething, parents work hard to soothe their pain. We recognize that teeth breaking through the skin is sometimes a painful experience, but that does not mean we understand why it hurts.

As an adult, we experience teeth growing again. Sometime during your teen years or young adult years, your wisdom teeth will come in. For some people there is no pain, others experience pain they never imagined. They may wonder what is behind the pain they feel.

The Pain of Eruption

The top of your gums is full of nerves. When wisdom teeth erupt through the skin, they are breaking those nerves and the result is pain. The tooth does not grow at a very fast speed. That means the pain can last for a lot longer than anyone wants until the tooth is fully grown.

The Pain of Impaction

There are times when the tooth grows at the wrong angle. It gets stuck in the gum and is then an impacted wisdom tooth. This is another type of pain people feel. The pain from an impacted wisdom tooth is felt in many places. It can affect the area of impaction, the teeth surrounding the impaction, the gums and the jaw.

The Pain of Infection

It is possible for the wisdom tooth to have an infection. Like any other infection of the teeth or gums, the infected wisdom tooth cause pain.

Pain from a wisdom tooth is normal. It is something that plenty of people deal with. The good news is that there are things to do about the pain. Medications can help manage the pain until the tooth grows in.

Extraction id an effective treatment for impacted teeth. Medications and other procedures can take care of the pain for an infected tooth. The key is to get the help of our dental professionals when you have painful wisdom teeth.

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